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The monsoon season is upon us, and so is an abrupt surge of all sorts of skin problems. With winds and rain, the monsoon also brings along unexpected acne. Our skin tends to expedite various changes and problems due to high humidity and rains during the monsoon. However, some vital tweaks in your everyday skincare routine can fight off most of the skin problems. Below is a guide and skincare tips for monsoonfor healthy glowing skin.

5 tips for skin care in monsoon season for Women

Clean your face 2 3 times a day

As monsoon season comes with humidity, your skin tends to turn sticky and oily more than often. And the dirt & dust gets clogged in the skin pores. So, to keep your skin fresh and glowing follow one of the best skincare tips for women, cleanse your face at least 2–3 times a day. You can even try cleansing your face with natural rose water.

You are bound to get wet while enjoying or commuting in the rain. It is crucial to wash and dry your skin as soon as you reach back home. Monsoon skincare is essential as humidity and moisture invite a lot of fungal infections causing bacterial infections.

Whether it’s a sunny day or a rainy day, sunscreen is a must because the UV rays can damage your skin cells even when you cannot see them. That’s why as per the best beauty tips for women, wear sunscreen whenever stepping out of your home.

Use matte finish makeup

All the stickiness, rain, and humidity can come in between your makeup. If you wish to wear makeup, use a matte finish, waterproof, and light makeup. Also, as per the latest monsoon skincare tips for women, you can choose to apply lip gloss and minimalistic makeup to get you through the day.

Your skin gets damaged and tanned in summers. As soon as monsoon arrives, they can cause dullness to the skin. So, exfoliation becomes an essential step during monsoon in skincare as it helps in getting rid of dead skin cells and works wonders for glowing and anti-aging skin.

5 tips for skin care in monsoon season for Men

This is certainly one of the best skincare tips for men to get skin free of impurities and to get rid of excess oils and dead skin cells that can cause skin problems.

Exfoliate twice a week

Exfoliating is as important for men as for women. That is why men should exfoliate two to three times every week. Exfoliation removes dead cells and makes the skin clear and smoother. It also assists in keeping ingrown hair at bay. However, as per the latest skincare tips for men, over-exfoliation with harsh scrubs or brushes can cause irritation and itching.

Protection from the sun is important for both men and women. Make a daily routine of using broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or more to reduce the risk of dark spots, tanning, and prevent skin cancer.

As per the latest skin care tips for monsoon, moisturizing your skin should be a part of your everyday skincare routine. Sometimes shaving and cleansing can cause the skin to dry. It is significant to restore any lost moisture to maintain glowing, healthy skin.

Use a scrub to unclog pores

Make a habit of scrubbing your skin every alternate day. Scrubbing should a vital component of your monsoon skincare routine as it helps in removing dirt and pollution from the skin surface and enables unclogging the skin pores.

Home DIY for skincare in monsoon season

Here are some easy home remedies to deal with your monsoon skin problems.

Today oily skin is common among men and women. People with oily or combination skin experience an unwelcoming stickiness during this time of the year. Breakouts and acne are the results of oily skin. Here is the best skincare DIY for the monsoon to get rid of oily skin.

Take 200ml of rose water, 1 tsp of dried mint powder, and 1 tsp of camphor and mix it well. Pour the mixture into an air-tight container and store it for later use. You can use this skin toner 2–3 times a day to get dry, and fresh skin.

Rushing to your beautician every week can be a daunting task. However, you can follow the exfoliating process at home every alternate day to get rid of monsoon skincare problems.

Take a 50g of red masoor lentil powder, 50g orange peel powder, 50g oatmeal, and rose water. Mix it well and form a smooth paste out of it. Apply this mixture onto your face and let it dry. Then scrub your face and wash it with lukewarm water.

Open pores can be irritating as they make your skin look uneven and ugly. It may also cause pimples or acne. One of the best and super effective skincare tips for the monsoon to add to your daily skincare routine is to rub frozen tomato halves onto your face. This will help in locking the pores as tomatoes are naturally acidic.

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Apart from following a good skincare routine to get healthy skin, both men and women need to eat a nutritious and balanced diet to get clear and healthy skin.