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After months of stressful moments during the lockdown, the fashion fanatics finally witnessed a ray of hope when the Fashion Design Council Of India (FDCI) announced the first-ever Phygital Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2021. Day 2 of Phygital Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2021 witnessed numerous virtual drops from various designers from the Indian fashion industry. If you are in search of some dressing sense inspiration, continue reading as the blog covers a quick specification of the day two designer collections.

Limerick by Abirr N’ Nanki

The Limerick by Abirr N’ Nanki collection titled “Chrysalis” took inspiration from a state of bloom that comes after the storm. The work portrayed the emotion of optimism when the reset button is pushed, and everything starts afresh. Every garment creation from the collection involves a dazzling interplay of softer pastels and innovative silhouettes where new forms and shapes are fused with traditional methods of construction. The core of the work lies in intricate motifs inspired by the Mughal gardens of the world. The designs portrayed ancient architecture, which is given, a contemporary update that emboldens the design, structure, and patterns in each piece. The color palette showcased an interesting mix of pinks and ivory, celebrated with an abundance of florals.

“Arruga” By Designer Label Nirmooha

Arruga by Nirmooha was inspired by the Vintage Winter wardrobes of English aristocrats. It showcased sartorial fabrics ranging from authentic wool that blended along with hand-spun muga silks and silk organza that were mix-matched to create a symphony of textile collage. The texture was unearthed, using wool and assorted trinkets to portray the aging of bygone wardrobes. The designs were influenced by origami details like geometric patchwork and old school silhouettes. The innovative pleating techniques were utilized to create new structures and shapes. The color palette included Maroon, Teal blue, Coffee, and Mauve.

‘Do you suppose she’s a wildflower?’ By Archana Rao

Archana Rao’s SS’21 collection titled ‘Do you suppose she’s a wildflower?’ focused on introspection and spiritual growth. The color palette of the designs started with lighter colors and silhouettes. But as the film progresses, the palette becomes darker, and silhouettes become bolder. The models with their avant-garde dressing sense shifts from fun tulle ruffle skirts to Khaki trench coats with scallop detailing and boiler suits with a scatter of pressed flowers in their full bloom. The Indian fashion industry appreciated the fact that the collection was created in part to promote slow fashion and created using the principles of re-cycle and up-cycle. It’s hard to believe by the way how phenomenal they look, but all the tulle pieces were created using leftover fabrics. The embroidered pressed flowers were made using scraps of fabrics in different colors.

“Enchanted Forest” By Label Guapa

In the latest collection, “Enchanted Forest,” by label Guapa the Indian fashion industry witnessed a journey to an enchanted forest with mystical creatures and flora and fauna that are out of this world. The label presented three signature art prints, which evoked the romanticism of fairytales and folklore — there were motifs like a Magical Bunny, a Mystical Doe, Cherry Bird, Tree of Life, and the Indian Marigold Flower. They used biodegradable fabrics for reducing waste and upcycling. The label also experimented with numerous techniques like cutwork embroidery, smocked pleating, and the blanket stitch.

Cult By Siddartha Tytler

The designer, on day two of the first-ever Phygital Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2021, gave new dressing inspiration to the world. He found beauty in darkness with his latest collection titled “Cult.” The color palette included shades of black, grey, and silver. The models were spotted adorning dramatic headdresses with black lace, feathers, and black roses for a romantic, gothic touch.



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A Digital Platform and E-Magazine for Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle trends. Discover the future with I Knock Fashion!

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