Gucci Introduces Demetra — The Animal-Free Material Featured In Gucci Basket Sneakers

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The luxury fashion brand Gucci has introduced a sustainable and animal-free material with the launch of its Sneakers — Gucci Basket. The material Demetra is the outcome of 2 years of in-house research and development. The material manufactured and crafted in-house is soft, durable, and scalable in eco-friendly material. The latest fashion news of Gucci and Demetra is making it to the top of the sustainable fashion news.

Featured in the new Gucci Basket Sneakers, Demetra is made from animal-free raw material and sustainable and bio-based sources. The groundbreaking revelation of the material Demetra by Gucci is bringing a revolution in the fashion industry.

About Gucci Basket Sneakers

The new Gucci Basket Sneakers collection is crafted out of Demetra the Animal Free material made in-house by the luxury fashion house Gucci. The Gucci Basket lace-up is designed by Alessandro Michele. Inspired by the influence of basketball on street culture and style, the new Gucci Basket Sneakers is colorful, bright, and made of animal-free material. In sync with the latest fashion of the fashion industry, the Gucci Basket Sneakers are durable and eco-friendly.

About Gucci

A part of the Kering Group, Gucci is a luxury fashion house crafting fashion, leather goods, accessories, and watches. Founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci in Florence, it is currently reinventing fashion under Alessandro Michele who was appointed the Creative Director at Gucci in 2015. The Italian luxury brand has been creating the latest fashion since the set of its first shop. Gucci in time has ventured into ready-to-wear, watches, accessories, beauty, and décor.

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As the fashion industry is becoming more and more conscious about the environment, the introduction of Demetra by Gucci is a great step towards encouraging sustainability and animal friendliness in fashion. The fashion news about the latest innovation of Gucci is surely another milestone in the fashion industry.

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