Brand Antar Agni Launches Footwear Line

Aligning with the latest trends, Indian fashion designer Ujjwal Dubey launches his first footwear line into the Indian market after seven years of the inception of the brand Antar Agni. The brand Antar Agni was launched at the Lakme Fashion Week Gen- Next Stage by the Indian fashion designer Ujjwal Dubey. The Footwear line recently launched is created with surplus handwoven fabrics in unconventional styles to bring a new look to the footwear and break away from the monotony of everyday life. In natural and classic hues, the footwear stands out from the rest and resonates with the brand’s aura.

About The Footwear Line

Antar Agni by Ujjwal Dubey recently announced the launch of its footwear line. The footwear has been crafted with the surplus fabric of the garments in earthy and neutral tones.

The Indian fashion industry designer has introduced his footwear line in an unconventional style. He has created looks with pleats, criss-cross slip on and wrinkles. The textures are beautifully enhanced with fabrics of cotton, silk, and hand-woven cotton. The footwear by Antar Agni is available on the brand’s official online website in ten variants. From hues of grey to off-white and cream the footwear by the Indian fashion designer is ‘the something new’ one is looking for in the footwear segment of the market.

About Ujjwal Dubey

The Indian fashion designer Ujjwal Dubey launched Antar Agni into the Indian fashion industry at the Lakme Fashion Week Gen Next Stage. A men’s wear-focused designer Ujjwal is a NIFT alumnus who has worked under Shantanu & Nikhil. His brand Antar Agni is innovative and fluid. Ujjwal’s work mostly includes cotton, linen, silk, and other textiles in earthy, strong, and neutral tones of grey, blue, beige, and black. The designer through his brand Antar Agni has brought innovation and style to men’s wear in India.

I Knock Fashion Desk

The new launch of the footwear line by Antar Agni is making its mark in the Indian fashion industry news. The hues, textures, fabric, and style by Ujjwal Dubey integrated into the footwear style align with the overall look and feel of the brand. The footwear is available on the official online website in varied sizes at INR 11,700.

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