5 Must-Follow Fashion Designers From The Australia Fashion Week 2021

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The Voluminous drapes, vintage vibe, matching colors, shimmers, and playful prints from the runway of the Australia Fashion Week 2021 mark the latest fashion trends for your wardrobes.

Fashion is back, but it’s bolder and colorful. The global fashion lineups of 2020 got canceled due to the surging pandemic situation and took it to digital platforms. The Australian Fashion Week 2021 is back to its original runways with a dramatic outlook, illustrating the different styles, drapes, colors, and patterns to be followed as the latest fashion trends in the fashion industry.

The week-long event took place from 31st May 2021 to 4th June 2021 at Sydney’s Carriageworks, Australia. The show schedule amalgamated streamed discussions, offsite shows, and digital showings. The Australian fashion trends committed to a colorful, bold, and artistic vibe at this year’s Afterpay Australia Fashion Week (AAFW) after one year of lockdown. The relaxed clothing style matched with neutral colors, perky prints, fluidity in the silhouettes, wrap-around blazers, and colorful embroideries on the garments embarked the fashion trends in Australia.

Check out the five must-followed fashion designers from the runway who incorporated the latest fashion trends into their artistic endeavors.

1. Jordan Dalah- The Australian-British, Jordan Dalah was one of the debutants at the fashion week who kickstarted his show with the idea that subsumes exaggeration and volume. For this year’s collection, ‘he embraces modern sumptuousness, transforming the silhouette of a Hans Holbein portrait into bubble-hem midis, pillowed bows, and brocade sleeves ballooning from the neck to wrist,’ quoted in Vogue. He wanted to make artistic silhouettes that distort the idea of an ideal human silhouette. The fluted shapes of garments included an artificial hump or bump and an exaggerated bow, not to an embarrassing but as a fashionable move. The dramatic-shaped garments with supersized shoulders, quirky prints, and patterns dipped in the soft color palettes appealed to the eyes. There was a touch of volume and magnification along with customized puffed sandals.

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2. Oroton- The solid colors, floral prints, stripes, checks, lacework, and garden-like decor marked his nature-like journey at the fashion week. The green garden set where floral motifs, daisies, and solid green colors played an essential role in illustrating nature. Also, his collection was an ode to energy and joyfulness. He picturizes the garden scenes where silhouettes are designed and matched with neutral colors like tan, white, green, yellow, and off-white. It was a mix of wrap-around blazers, maxi dresses, cord sets, button-down midis matched with tote bags and jute bags. Layering and oversized dressing from the collection became one of the most-followed Australian fashion trends. The headscarf and brown sandals added the touch of the countryside-like scenery.

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3. Romance was born- Romance was born by Anna Plunkett, and Luke Sales embarked on the romantic journey in the wonderland garden at the fashion week. The fashion trends in Australia upcycled and remade by Plunkett and Sales through vintage findings and distorted fabrics from their studio and showcased at fashion week. The latest collection is designed from deadstock, treasures, and old pieces, being dumped over the years. The pandemic allowed the duo to collect all the leftovers from production and create them with laser cut to new-fangled ideas and designs. The fulsome dramatic and carousal setting with colorful flowers and horse-riding swings manifested the idea of classic time. The collection dwells into the traditional silhouettes like maxi dresses and gowns, with modern twists. The colors revolve around darker and lighter shades with some glitters. The garments incorporated different trends like wedding dresses, tiered dresses, trails, and magnificent makeup mark up the idea of a fairy ground theme. The solid-colored trims, laces, heart crystals, and Swarovski added luster to the entire collection. Vibrant and exaggerated makeup, along with heavy head accessories that added the final touches to the theme.

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4. Bondi Born- Debuted with the first show against the magnificent backdrop of Sydney Harbour, Bondi Born showcased ‘TOCO’ the resort ’22 collection. The collection embraces the bodycon shapes curated in solid colors like pink, yellow, white, black, orange, etc. The fashion collection celebrated the sporty mood, Sydney likes aesthetics or fashion trends in Australia: modern and powerful. The idea is to exhibit different fashion trends from the beach to the bar with easy and breezy prints. The flowy jumpsuits, playsuits, maxi dresses, beachwear, and short dresses with neutral makeup added simplicity to the beautiful naturally-lit environment.

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5. Yousef Akbar- The god of volume at the fashion week that made exaggeration to-be-followed style through his latest and voluminous collection. The goddess-like gown and sequins matched together to bring out the extensiveness in the garments. The sharp tailoring and evening wear silhouettes reminisce him of his homeland in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Inspired by the sunset over the Arabian Deserts, his vibrant color palette reflected the shades from orange to magenta. The balloon-like dresses set the perfect example of ‘more is always more’ (Guardian) and emphasis the idea of freedom. Also, the colorful hair accessories added the final touches to the look and complemented the garments.

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